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Agent-Based Simulation of Near Repeat Patterns

In space-time-windows around a previous victimization, the risk for a new victimization will quite often be larger than it would have …


Testing for similarity in area-based spatial patterns: Andresen's test, critique, and improvements

Keynote presentation on the analysis of spatial point patterns

Machine learning: What's it all about? A comparison to conjunctive analysis of case configurations as a case in point

Machine Learning (ML) methods (and Predictive Analytics, Artificial Learning, and so on …) are very popular but not often used …

Testing for similarity in area-based spatial patterns: how the pattern of pedestrian stops by the NYPD differs from crime (2006-2016)

Andresen’s spatial point pattern test (SPPT) can be used to compare two spatial point patterns on defined areal units: it identifies in …


A Micro-Spatial Longitudinal Analysis of Home Burglary Concentration and Spatial Stability in the Context of a Crime Drop

We examine the spatial concentration and spatial stability of home burglary (N=46,684) on street segments (N=26,875) in the context of …

Ruimtelijk-temporele patronen van woninginbraak in Antwerpen, 2005-2014: In hoeverre is woninginbraak geconcentreerd in bepaalde straatsegmenten, en hoe stabiel is deze concentratie over de tijd?

Achtergrond: Met de beschikbaarheid van nauwkeurig gegeocodeerde criminaliteitsdata, blijken geregistreerde criminaliteit zich sterk te …

Wat maakt het misdaadpatroon: buurt of straat?


Residential burglary target selection: an analysis using Google maps

Residential burglars are said to rationally consider target selection in two steps. In the first stage, burglars select a suitable area …