Space-time visualization and anal-ysis of public attitudes towards crime and policing in the Nether-lands, 1993-2001


The present contribution is a space-time analysis of the public reaction to crime in the Netherlands based on the Dutch ‘Police Population Monitor’ (PPM) survey (PolitieMonitor Bevolking) between 1993 and 2001. The PPM is a large-scale biannual household survey covering every municipality in the Netherlands that includes a series of items on public attitudes on crime, fear of crime, physical and social disorder, as well as public satisfaction and confidence in the police. The current study uses the five PPM datasets of this period to perform geovisualization and spatio-temporal clus- tering analyses of Dutch municipalities. The objective of this contribution is to detect the spatio-temporal patterns in the PPM data in order to determine whether there are significant local differences in public reaction to crime and attitudes towards the police and whether there have been notice- able shifts in popular opinion over time.

Eenvoud en verscheidenheid: Liber amicorum voor Henk Elffers