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Testing for similarity in area-based spatial patterns: Andresen's test, critique, and improvements (keynote)
Jul 6, 2018 16:00
Testing for similarity in area-based spatial patterns: how the pattern of pedestrian stops by the NYPD differs from crime (2006-2016)
Feb 9, 2018 13:00


Cybercriminal decision-making

Real-world experiments with cybercrime offenders

Risk Across the Urban Landscape

Criminogeneity, fear of crime, and actual crime in Amsterdam

Risky Business

Do businesses and facilities generate or prevent crime?

Time for a crime

Why do offenders commit crimes where and when they do?


When I think it may be helpful to others, I publish my code as a software package. So far, I have published two R packages on Github:

lorenzgini: generalized Gini for sparse data situations

Calculates the standard Gini coefficient as well as the generalized coefficient, and plots Lorenz curves. The Lorenz plots show the line of maximal equality given the data.

sppt: Spatial Point Pattern Test

Implements several area-based tests that measure the degree of similarity at the local level between two spatial point patterns.